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Your customers expect fast, seamless access to information. Your business partners want to enable it yesterday. Don’t let legacy hold you back.

Poor User Experience

Modern cloud environments accelerate the development and deployment of new apps, but if access methods are based on legacy VPN technology, your customers will have a suboptimal experience.


Implicit Risk

Exposing internal apps to the internet and bringing unknown customer devices onto your network increases your attack surface.


Barrier to Innovation

Legacy network and security infrastructure is expensive, complex, and ill-suited for a cloud and mobile world.


a diagram showing, legacy methods require exposing B2B apps to the internet and backhauling traffic through legacy appliances that are difficult to scale.

Zscaler B2B

Deliver a consumer-like app experience without the business risk.

Zscaler B2B (ZB2B) is a cloud service that provides your business customers fast, seamless, and secure access to applications over the internet, whether they’re hosted in the data center or public and private clouds.

ZB2B is based on a service-initiated zero trust network access (ZTNA) architecture and uses business policies to securely connect an authenticated customer to an authorized app, without ever exposing the app to the internet or bringing the customer on your network.

ZB2B brings cloud scale and agility to customer access by eliminating the complexity and friction of legacy network and security infrastructures.

Zscaler B2B (ZB2B) is a cloud-delivered service that provides business customers with seamless, secure access to B2B applications

Zscaler B2B Benefits

Enable fast and frictionless access to apps

Deliver security and access control from the cloud without making any network changes to your applications. Your customers get consistent and direct access to their applications wherever they are hosted.

Simplify identity management for apps

Empower your business customers to control identity access management (IAM) and simplify access to your business applications.

Eliminate the attack surface

Allow access to business applications without exposing them to the internet or bringing customers on your network.

Accelerate cloud adoption

Migrate, develop, and deliver innovative cloud-based B2B apps to your customers without the friction of provisioning and managing legacy network and security infrastructures.

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