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The enterprise must evolve. You have the ability to power it.

Your workforce is no longer confined to an office, but is accessing private apps from home or while on the road, and they expect a fast, seamless experience when they do. Security is becoming more difficult as traditional technologies like VPN become a trojan horse for ransomware attacks, by placing users on the network, and exposing servers to the Internet. The business wants to beat competition and is investing in public cloud services like AWS and Azure, and is growing through M&A activity.

You, as IT leaders, can adopt zero trust network access (ZTNA) services and power this new world.

Deliver the experience users want.

The ability to work from anywhere means that IT must prioritize user experience. Access to private applications should not require VPN, or waiting for traffic to be backhauled to a datacenter just to go out to public cloud.

ZTNA services use a distributed cloud architecture to seamlessly connect authorized users, whether employee or third-party contractor, to a specific app over the Internet, and without being placed on the network.

Get the security that you need.

Network security is based on the idea of securing a network, and connecting a user to it by exposing VPN servers to the Internet. As apps move to public cloud, you no longer have control over the network.

With ZTNA services data remains secure since users are never on the network, minimizing lateral access, and the threat of ransomware attacks. Private apps are made invisible to the Internet, shrinking your attack surface.

Enable the business’ success.

Whether through adoption of public cloud for agility, or obtaining new technology through M&A, the business must increase revenue, avoid costs and protect intellectual property. IT can take on a business role and shed the “cost center” reputation.

Cloud-delivered ZTNA services are built to secure access across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment. They remove the need for appliances, reducing IT spend, admin time, and accelerate IT integration during M&As.

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Experience why Gartner believes by 2023 60% of enterprises will have adopted a ZTNA service.

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